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You can view our strategy for helping you get your field maps by selecting the Ask For The Map button.

Quality technology for collecting your field data is available and inexpensive... its called a Sniper!  Get the information you deserve... and more! 

Ask For The Map ... because you can. 

You'll be Knocking them dead and knowing it!


We invite you to explore our revolutionary new product, the Sniper, which provides a variety of functions aiding in the management and control of noxious weeds... and more.

The Sniper collects field data from every angle, as the application occurs, utilizing GPS, satellite maps, flow rates, and configurable parameters, providing reports which enable efficient and accurate tracking of work performed and work needing to be performed.  The data is automatically organized in categories by job name, location, weed type, and more.  Reports are easily generated to view project details in logical formats.

Using the Sniper, data is easy to collect and requires very little training.  Immediately after collecting data, you can view maps and reports showing spray path, location, time, amount and type of chemical used (including mix ratios), weed sprayed (pictures, growth stages, and audible description provided), temperature, wind direction, and more.

All you need is to want to get the information you deserve... and more!  Why not "Ask For The Map?"

This is a map of a "spray day" south of Pocatello, ID.  Numerous individuals were working together treating noxious weed infestations, but only one was using a Sniper.  
All of the pasture areas you see were treated, including the gaps.  You can see the passes that the Sniper made across the field.  The work done by the Sniper equipped ATV is the only work that was clearly done.
For managers that want to be "Knockin' 'em Dead... and Knowin' It!", the Sniper is your answer.
Ask For The Map!


Why use a Sniper?

Efficient:  Replaces manual documentation of maps and reports saving time and money, while at the same time, improving the overall accuracy.

Accountability and Validation:  Provides details of work performed to eliminate money lost from inefficiencies and lawsuits

Regulation Compliance:  Evidence for demonstrating compliance with federal and local laws

Documentation:  Automatic storage of project details and easy retrieval and report generation

Control:  Equips managers to validate work performed and identify and schedule future work

Basic Sniper includes:

  • Sniper Software License,
  • Sniper DAN (Data Acquisition Node)
  • On Site Installation and Training if desired
  • On-Line Training Support

    Costs very little, saves you a lot!



Precision Application

It's All About
Data Collection!

The Data Collection Process








Results from Sniper equipped backpack sprayers.  The green shaded areas on the map are weed sites.  The colored speckles represent the actual spray applications; two different operators on two different days. Several others were also spraying with us.  They were NOT equipped with Snipers.  Can you see what they accomplished?  Neither can I.  Managers... get the "obvious" information you deserve...
Ask For The Map!



This map was obtained by a Sniper equipped Roadside Truck near Kelso, Washington. 

Managers...  you may need to show the organic farmers and gardeners where you turned off your spraying equipment...  get the information you deserve...

Ask For The Map!








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Precision Application Recording/Reporting
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