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 Frequently Asked Questions
  • What does DC stand for?

         'DC' is Data Collection.  It's all about Data Collection!  The Sniper
         technology automatically collects whatever data you want to collect. 
         "Relax, you're covered!  Spray, download, done!"

  • What other data can the Sniper collect?

         The applications are endless:  Insect spraying, vehicle use, lawn
         maintenance equipment, etc.

  • How do I know what to buy?

         Good question!  Click on the Product Selector page and answer a
         few questions about your current equipment.  This will help us to
         know which Sniper products you need to get up and running!

  • Why does the report data for the volume of Chemicals I used not match what I know I used?

If this occurs, (for instance, you know you filled your 25 gallon tank one time and the Sniper report says you used something other than that) the reason is that you need to calibrate your flow switches.   Flow rates vary from switch to switch and you need to tell the Sniper software at what rate the switches (or meters) you are using are applying products.  No worries!  See the Sniper Users Manual for this procedure.

  • Why does the Sniper log data when I am not spraying?

         The Sniper believes that you are spraying.  A "normally open"
         flow switch may have been installed
and therefore the Sniper
           software is detecting data points continually.  Follow these
           steps to solve your problem:  From your handheld unit, on
           the Sniper toolbar, go to Sniper Toolset/IO Checkout.   Tap
           the 'Steady State' button.  This resets all the
 flow switches
           and tells the Sniper software that all your flow switches are
           off.  When you then trigger the switch it will record as

            Now the Sniper will only log when a record is detected.

  • How do I install my Sniper on a backpack unit?

           It's easy!  See the Installation Help page for a quick video.





Basic Sniper includes:

  • Sniper Software License,
  • Sniper DAN (Data Acquisition Node)
  • On Site Installation and Training if desired
  • On-Line Training Support

    Costs very little, saves you a lot!



Precision Application

It's All About
Data Collection!

The Data Collection Process

Sniper - PARR
Precision Application Recording/Reporting
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