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 About Us

CS Worldwide has been in business since 1993, developing creative solutions and solving problems in a wide variety of industries, numerous states and several countries.  CS Worldwide Corporation is based out of Boise, Idaho and was founded by Nebraska native, Edward J. Kuchar.

Vision Statement


Commitment, Quality, Value and Cooperation


Overcoming obstacles!

Creating Solutions!

Mission Statement

To cautiously coordinate the development of smart and cost-effective products and services utilizing current and proven technologies and strategic joint business ventures. This, along with our disciplined execution of innovative methods and techniques, provides superior value to our customers as well as a sustainable ROI for our employees, business partners, investors, and our communities. 


"Knockin 'em Dead... and Knowin' It!"


Basic Sniper includes:

  • Sniper Software License,
  • Sniper DAN (Data Acquisition Node)
  • On Site Installation and Training if desired
  • On-Line Training Support

    Costs very little, saves you a lot!



Precision Application

It's All About
Data Collection!

The Data Collection Process

Sniper - PARR
Precision Application Recording/Reporting
CS Worldwide Corporation
P.O. Box 5537
Boise, ID 83705-0537